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Oct. 8th, 2013 10:25 pm
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 Hey, pinhead! If you're getting this, sorry, but you just missed out! I'm not around right now, but feel free to serenade me with a nice ol' message if you want! Unless it's super important. Then again, if it's super important, you probably would've hung up by now and just tried texting me or something. So I'm just guessing that what you've gotta say isn't really important. But if it is, yeah, you might wanna give the texting thing a go.

...Oh, and leave your non-important message after the beep.

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OOC Information
NAME: Maya
AGE: 19

IC Information
AGE: Millions of years old!
CANON: Transformers (IDW)
CANON POINT: Just after MTMTE #8, when the Scavengers leave the planet Clemency after fighting off the Decepticon Justice Divison.
Dragon's Roar - Misfire doesn't know when to shut up. He's not afraid to tell someone their plan is idiotic, is loud with his opinions, and will argue his point among his group until someone can finally prove him wrong. 
Jungle Troopers - Misfire always manages to find himself a new adventure or more trouble to get himself into, but had to deal with some issues about his horrible aim among the Decepticon ranks.
Wind Guardians - Despite the Decepticon badge, Misfire is more of a drifter. While most Decepticons could stumble upon something grotesque and be overjoyed, his first reaction is to run away screaming. Although most of his ideas seem nonsensical to others, they make perfect sense to himself, and once he's involved in something, he'll stick by his team, no matter how begrudging he may act about it.

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Misfire (IDW)

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